Why We Need To Go Green?

Global warming is rising and many other difficulties are increasing with increase amount of pollution and higher amount of emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It is an alarming situation for all the nations in this world as our water level from the ocean is boiling and icebergs are melting with time. All these factors must be controlled by supporting the go green initiative.

 “GO GREEN” is a general word which is developed to create awareness among the people to choose environmentally friendly methods and behaviors and ive a sustainable life without making any wastage. Majorly most pollution is done by this wastage and it the main factor which is harming our surroundings and keeping a control on waste items by recycling them and making something more productive out of that will help our environment in going green.

Going green will help in conserving the nature and the natural resources which are being used to fulfill our requirements. Going green not only conserves the nature but it also helps us in living a better life with less chances of getting any diseases. Going green and planting more trees, plants saving our flora and fauna, preserving the water will help us in our future. Many ways are there by which we can try from our side in helping our earth and some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge.

  • If you are taking a shower try using it on a slow speed and turn out the showwer when you are not using it.
  • When you see its is raining outside try to save that water in a bucket or tub and use it to water the trees and plants when needed.
  • Plant more trees in your surroundings and encourage others in your neighbourhood to do the same.
  • Turn off the electricity when you are not using any electrical appliances. Try to avoid heavy electrical items like hair dryer which affects our environment by producing heat waves.
  • Go paperless and always go for those options which can limit the use of paper like use e wallets to pay money instead of paying it in cash.
  • Instead of taking bike, car or any other vehicle try walking for short distances and save fuel and our environment from pollution.
  • Go digital and make less paper usage. Promote digital world and with this platform advertise new mechanism and method which will help in going green.
  • Make less noise and water pollution, try not to honk while driving, do not throw unwanted waste in rivers and lakes.
  • Opt for those resources which are reusable and which do not harm our natural resources. Go for solar energy to generate electricity or try wind energy to generate energy for big plants and factories.
  • Always ask your neighbours to promote eco friendly methods and techniques.

These are some ways by which every individual can do something on his own and protect our environment and make it more clean and green for living a better life. Life is because of these factors if these factors are ruined by the people than the life of every individual will also be ruined. So it’s better to try to protect this atmosphere by putting little effort every day from your side and encourage others to do the same.