About Us

The Maricopa are a Native American tribe who lived for generations along the banks of the Colorado River. They lived in small tribes and used the land to become masters of pottery, basket weaving and also were successful farmers. They were people who lived off and respected the land.

– inspiration for this site

Maricopa Greens is a website which works towards making our environment a more healthy and more green place via promotion in the digital world. With increased pressure on fossil fuels – finding ways to use solar energy , wind generation, home batteries and other renewable environmental information.

Our articles and content are based on promotion of an eco-friendly environment. There are a number of techniques and concepts which can be learned and educate us all on issue around solar alternatives, wind energy, and way to store captured energy in battery walls. This will help us by reaching out to more people and providing educating on how to make use of techniques and tricks digitally.

If you have articles you would like to submit or if you have any ideas for articles – please let us know using our contact us form.